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Here’s why the drone shoot-down was staged and Iran threatened with ‘obliteration’ by Trump
04.07.2019, 08:49 Uhr. Net News Global - - Now, was that a coincidence? Hardly! This is how POTUSes “wag the dog” as long as there’s been a White House. The perfect timing of both the shoot-down of the U.S. drone by Iran for invading its airspace, as well as the threat by Trump to launch an illegal attack, while the New York press was talking about a new sexual assault accusation is exactly...

Überraschung: in Sachen Big Dada versagt auch IBM Watson
21.08.2018, 23:42 Uhr. >b's weblog - https: - The A.I. project was supposed to change the state of cancer treatment. Here’s what happened instead.Das Projekt für Künstiche Intetelligenz war dazu gedacht, die Behandlung von Krebs zu revolutionieren. Stattdessen ist das hier passiert…Den Bericht gibt's hier....

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