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Correlation between Crisis Periods and Epidemics
26.04.2020, 14:37 Uhr. Net News Global - - Below is a table that I put together, based on the data I found. It is not a definitive test of the hypothesis that major epidemics tend to strike during Ages of Discord. The comparison is not systematic enough, it’s too qualitative, and there is a definite Eurocentric bias (or, at least, a bias towards western Eurasia). Still, this is my blog, not...

Coronavirus Is Hammering the News Industry. Here’s How to Save It.
25.04.2020, 22:26 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - ... In recent weeks, thirty-three thousand news workers have lost their jobs or had their hours and pay slashed....

Es geht nicht darum, dass wir es etwa nicht hingekriegt hätten, Facebook und Google zu zügeln. Wir haben es nicht mal versucht.
17.11.2019, 13:10 Uhr. >b's weblog - https: - The tech giants use our data to change our behaviour. Here’s how we can resist it, says academic Shoshana ZuboffDie Technikgiganten benutzen unsere Daten, um unser Verhalten zu manipulieren. Aber wir können dem widerstehen, sagt Professor Shoshana Zuboff.Den Artikel gibt's hier....

The new reality in Rojava - TTG
23.10.2019, 09:04 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - Rojava is dead. Long live the Syrian Arab Republic. The new Russia-Turkish agreement goes a long way in reestablishing Syria’s territorial integrity and foiling Erdogan’s dream of a new Ottoman Empire. It also provides the Rojava Kurds their best hope for a future whether they realize it or not. First, here’s the agreement....

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