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Young White Men Abuse George Floyd Protests For Violence And Looting
02.06.2020, 20:33 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - Last night at times violent protests took place in some 30 U.S. cities. The escalation of the protests is not being driven by people of color whose grievance about systemic police brutality and institutionalized racism is driving the original, and in most cases peaceful protests. There are clear signs that other groups have joined and abuse the original...

Dispatches From Kansas City: The ‘Insurrection’ That Wasn’t (May 30-31, 2020)
02.06.2020, 20:33 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - by Danny Sjursen, USA - This antiwar veteran and peaceful protester has yet to receive his George Soros money nor been contacted by Vladimir Putin. "Crossing State lines to incite violence is a FEDERAL CRIME! Liberal Governors and Mayors must get MUCH tougher or the Federal Government will step in and do what has to be done, and that includes using...

Why Wasn’t Netanyahu Ever Indicted in the US?
02.06.2020, 20:33 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - by Grant Smith - Milchan-Netanyahu nuclear trigger smuggling caper impunity. Benjamin Netanyahu’s prosecution for corruption in an Israeli courtroom is now underway. The current Israeli Prime Minister is facing three counts of fraud and breach of trust and one count of bribery. The first count listed in the charge sheet details Israeli movie producer...

National Security “Experts” Blame Russia for the George Floyd Protests
02.06.2020, 20:23 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - By Alan Macleod - The latest instance of American social disharmony being blamed on Moscow is part of a long tradition, where some see an invisible Russian hand whenever it is useful....

Rauchen verboten? - Wieso Cannabis-Patienten beim Vaporisieren besser fahren
02.06.2020, 11:37 Uhr. Nachrichten - Nachrichten RSS Feed | Deutscher Hanfverband - https: - In den letzten Wochen erreichten den DHV zahlreiche Anfragen von Patienten, die aufgrund ihrer Cannabis-Medikation Probleme bei Verkehrskontrollen sowie anschließend mit der zuständigen Führerscheinstelle bekommen hatten. Eine Großteil der Fälle ereignete sich im Großraum Rhein-Neckar. Den Patienten wird unisono vorgeworfen, ihre Medizin missbräuchlich...

The Police Are Not What You Think
02.06.2020, 09:12 Uhr. Der Nachrichtenspiegel - NachrichtenspiegelOnline - What’s happening on the streets of the US right now is the expression of anger at decades of unaddressed police aggression toward communities of color. Here are some facts about police brutality in the US. //

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