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China-Iran -Russia alliance ending US unilateral global hegemony
31.12.2019, 20:04 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - The “maritime security belt” trilateral four-day drill between Iran, China and Russia in the sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean will mark the Middle East for decades to come. It signals the end of US absolute hegemony and control of the Middle East- and of the world. The joint drills are being carried out at the heart of the zone of US maritime influence...

Nuclear 9/11 Can No Longer Be Ignored, It is Killing Us All
04.09.2019, 10:33 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - It is all about lying. Few knew what a shield truth had been until it was gone. We don’t have to go back so many years to find a painful example, in fact August 2019 gives us lots of material to deal with. Let’s look at the Hezbollah missile attack on what was claimed to be an Israeli command convoy. Hezbollah claims they hit a general. Here is...

Neueste    Heute    24.01.2020    23.01.2020    + Doppelte News