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The New Anti-China Campaign Is Built On Lies
26.04.2020, 13:59 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - To avoid self-examination of the failures that let the U.S. exceed the covid-19 casualty numbers of every other nation the powers that be decided to blame someone else. Trump`s first attempt was to blame the World Health Organization for not providing all information. But 16 U.S. administration officials were embedded with the WHO in Geneva. They relayed...

The Real Meaning of Red Scare 3.0
27.02.2020, 08:17 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - The US corporate media, who had such a long run as relative monopolizers of truth, have been discrediting themselves in serial fashion since 9/11. Their lapdoggery to the Bush regime backfired on them during the WMD lie operation and the resulting war of aggression. Then came their participation in the fraudulent business reporting leading up to the...

Neueste    Heute    25.05.2020    24.05.2020    + Doppelte News