911-Widow Is First American To Sue Saudi Arabia

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Let Us Recall “The Criminalization of War Initiative” of former PM Dr. Mahathir
04.01.2022, 01:14 Uhr. Global Research - https: - First published by Global research on November 28, 2017 Global Research has received from Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003, 2018-2020) an important message, addressed to Muslims in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Yemen. This message, … The post Let Us Recall “The Criminalization of War Initiative”...

How ‘Defense’ Contractors Lobbied for War in Yemen and Reaped the Profits from Death and Destruction
28.04.2020, 15:26 Uhr. Net News Global - https: - Lobbying firms like the McKeon Group, headed by lobbyist Buck McKeon (who was the former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in the US Congress), represent both US defense contractors and countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who are ruthlessly bombing Yemen with US made weapons. Through lobbying firms like the McKeon Group and American...

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